look 30: break em' off blue.

i’m so happy with the way that my suit game has been coming along over the past few months, and i owe a large portion of the styles that i have to express. this month marked the start of our 2019 partnership, and as soon as i saw this blue beauty on the site, i fell in love.

wearing: express men slim light blue cotton-blend stretch suit, asos sleeveless mesh
sweater vest,
boohooman x quavo clear belt bag, nike react element 55s.

💎 “i call this color break-em-off blue.” 💎

at the start of the year, wearing more suits was a key style resolution for me, and i think i’ve been doing a solid job so far. of course, i have to do it my own way, so i kept things cool with a mesh sweater (gotta love that spring breeze) and some sneakers. and for a little touch of street edge, i threw on this clear belt bag from the boohoo x quavo collaboration earlier this year. i think i like how it came together.

breaking down the look.

by now, you guys know how important a strong color combination is to me, so for this outfit, i wanted to find the perfect hue to work with this fun pastel suit. i played around with a denim shirt and other shades of blue, but in the end, nothing worked better than this tan match-up. the lighter tones blend together nicely, and i think they’re so right for the season (those blue skies, ya know?). plus, i got to rock my new nike reacts—which is perfect, because i’m really trying to get back to my sportier roots.

look 29: new year. new focus. new outerwear.

2019 has arrived (woot woot) and i hope your year is off to the very best start. these first few days are always the perfect opportunity to pause, regroup, and adjust your priorities for the months ahead, and there’s soooo much i plan on doing this time around…

the big question: where the hell do i start?

i’ve been spending a ton of time alone since i got back in town from the holidays to figure it all out—and even though i have some very big goals in mind, i’ve definitely got my sights set high.


wearing: andersson bell overcoat from wconcept, belier air wool knitted vest from
forever21 biker jeans, asos stacked chelsea boots.


focus: the special ingredient that i plan on sprinkling all over 2019. it’s the reason why i’ve been able to accomplish what i have so far, and now that i’m working for myself full-time and getting ready to dive into somewhat familiar, but still extremely new waters—i’m getting back into acting after 10 years FYI—i can’t afford to lose one bit of it.

breaking down the look

this one was all about the color palette. i’m always down for a good earth tone mix, and with the very last leaves of the season finally meeting their maker, i thought i’d pay proper tribute with a cool brown-based combo. a fresh, heavy overcoat is always a great idea this time of year, and mixing in a couple of your other go-to cold-weather staples—comfy sweaters, chelsea boots, colored denim (my alternative to more conservative chinos)—leaves you with a super simple but strong formula to get through the winter chill ahead. -J


look 28: autumn glow.

i'll admit, the weather around this time of year can be pretty brutal in nyc—it's the price we pay for having actual seasons *throws shade at the west coast*—but every now and then, you get treated to that perfect fall day. the right temperature. a smooth breeze. that lit lighting. and, of course, the chance to ease up on the heavy outerwear one last time before hibernation season officially begins. surprise, surprise: we recently got one of those days...


wearing: asos man striped blazer, mock turtleneck and stacked chelsea boots, off white nebraska jersey tee, weekday leather pants, reclaimed vintage cross cap.


breaking down the look

this look is a blended lesson in layering and textures. for the top half, i stacked things up with a mock turtleneck underneath, a thicker (but not heavy) tee in the middle, and a blazer in place of my usual jacket. with mother nature finally on my side for once, this sweet trio made the perfect combination. down below, i switched up my fabric routine with a heavier pair of leather pants. i'd say they fit the season pretty well; plus, i think they look hella nice paired with my chelsea boots.


look 26: monday mood.

you know how it goes: the weekend comes to a close, the alarm clock goes off, monday returns to ruin our lives once more. this time around, i threw on a comfy combo of pieces and ventured off to start the day. here's how it all turned out. -j


wearing: conflict of interest limited edition parody collective tee, asos piped trousers and slogan socks, fila x barneys ny sneakers.


breaking down the look

as you probably gathered from above, i didn't really put that much thought into this one, but i will say, my favorite part of the look started at the ankles. i got these slogan socks from asos, and they added a fun touch of spunk to things. not that it was necessary though. after all, the COI t-shirt and pants do more than enough on their own. hey, i guess it's okay be a little extra once in a while, right?


look 25: chevron chaser.

this summer, i've been all about a good statement stripe: horizontal, vertical, (and strongest of all) chevron. i dug this bad boy out of my closet this morning and knew it'd be the perfect ingredient for today's outfit. take a look. -j


wearing: asos man chevron revere collar shirt, topman sleeveless turtleneck and piped trousers, balenciaga speed trainers, reclaimed vintage cap, movado edge timepiece.


breaking down the look

by now, you know my golden rule: when you're rocking a strong statement piece, keep the rest of your look simple. in line with that law, i went with an all-black foundation—keeping it sleek and cool with the lightweight turtleneck and cropped trousers—and linked the blue stripe of the pants with the shirt for a little color coordination. from there, my go-to finishing touches (the trainers, cap, and movado timepiece) sealed the deal. easy.


look 24: the beau next door.

hey guys. it's been a minute, i know. but FYI: i spent the past few weeks working on stuff for liberty fairs, and finally covering the three-day event in vegas (more to come from that soon). now that things have slowed down, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming. i pulled out a new statement-maker this morning and i've been waiting all day to finally share it with you guys. check it out. -j

wearing: BEAU by sky vargas homme vest en blanc, pacsun piped joggers, creative recreation napoli trainers.

breaking down the look

to put it simply: i'm really in love with this shirt (and no, this isn't a sponsored post). it's really along the lines of something i think i'd make if i were a designer. the mix of sportiness and fashion-forward feels makes it a true showstopper in my book. i kept things pretty simple by pairing it with some comfy (and cool) joggers, and let the color palette do a bit of the work. [red, black, and white] has been one of my favorite combos lately, and i think they worked together perfectly for this laidback look.

if you like what you see as much as i do, click here to check out more colorways and styles from BEAU by sky vargas.

look 23: playing with the color spectrum.

random fact: i'm usually a matchy-matchy kind of guy (yeah, i know... a lot of people are against that, but whatever). nonetheless, sometimes you just want to mix things up and have fun with your colorways. the other day, i eased up and put together a fresh spin on my usual palette. check it out. -j

wearing: asos man blazer, tank, cap & flight bag, adidas originals joggers, house of hounds backless loafers, regal rose chain necklace.

breaking down the look

so, again, this outfit was all about lightening up a little and just having a good time. i went with a bunch of different soft colors—lilac, cerulean, orange, and even the mint background—that worked together perfectly. the white foundation flowed throughout the look to give some type of order to things, while the navy cap, black bag and shoes (all perfectly spaced out) helped to add a second layer of balance to things.

look 22: red hot for #NYFWm.

you know the deal: fashion week requires some statement-making looks; and for this round, i had a lot of fun putting together—and, of course, wearing—my outfits for the four-day event, but i think this one wound up being my favorite. check it out.

wearing: asos man mesh t-shirt, marc jacobs shorts, balenciaga speed trainers, herschel supply fanny pack, nous deux cap.

breaking down the look

when you go for a strong monochromatic moment, there's really not much else that needs to be done. if you opt for all-black, -white or -neutrals, complete head-to-toe is cool, but with bolder hues (like red), i prefer to stick with a top and bottom and ground the rest of the look with a separate color, like i did here with my cap, shoes, and fanny. together, they make a seriously hot combo. 🔥

look 21: suited for summer with bar iii.

i've really been into suits these past few months. solids, prints, patterns... they're all really amazing tools to have in your style arsenal. naturally, i wear mine in super casual ways, but they still make super strong statements. case in point: this look that i put together from bar iii. i linked up with them over the past three months to show how to give your summer style a dapper touch, and i'd have to say that this outfit is my favorite from the campaign. check it out.

wearing: suit & hoodie from bar iii, balenciaga speed trainers, reclaimed vintage cap, regal rose chain necklace.


breaking down the look

a little sporty, a little dapper, mad chill. i love the balance in this look. the suit's hella clean and pretty lightweight—which is very important for the summertime temps—while the hoodie adds a relaxed feel that makes it a fresh casual friday ensemble. this time around, i added a bit more street to the mix with the sneakers and cap to give it the perfect level of cool. 👌

look 20: treat yourself.

so... i officially believe in love at first sight. i believe because i've experienced it, but maybe not the way you think: it's with a pair sneakers.  if you know me well, then you know i don't wear a ton of obnoxiously expensive stuff—i'm into looks way more than labels—but every now and then, i treat myself to a little gift. meet balenciaga's speed trainers.

wearing: balenciaga speed trainers, stefan grant t-shirt, 3.1 phillip lim belted shorts, reclaimed vintage baseball cap, frames by ray-ban.

breaking down the look

the good thing about a statement shoe is that the rest of your look can be super easy; and given the fact that these bad boys are pretty much perfection in sneaker form, all the work was basically done for me. i chose to keep things all-black here, but remembered the summer heat waiting for me. the answer: shorts + a comfortable tee (this style from stefan grant is probably the most amazing t-shirt i've ever slipped on. ever.). from there, i just threw on a few cool accessories—the cap and sunglasses—and hit the street. light work. -j

look 19: hardware hero.

sometimes the little details really make a big statement. i copped a few new pieces from maniere de voir and asos, and they're decked out with some sweet hardware embellishments: you know, zippers, chains, rings, all the silver works. they really took this laidback look to the next level. check it out. -j

wearing: maniere de voir suede biker jacket with chain detail, distressed zipper jeans, t-shirt & cap, asos man ring belt & creepers.

breaking down the look

for this one, i actually used the hardware details as an extension of the color palette: brown and black + silver. between the jacket, pants and belt, they really stand out among the neutral foundations of the look and pop. ✨

like the look? get it here.

look 18: coney island king.

this sunday, i got my first taste of #summer17—and it was sweet. not only, was the weather just right in NYC, but i headed out to coney island to scout out some locations for a project, and the time by the beach gave me the perfect preview of the season ahead. thankfully, i brought my camera with me. check it out. -j

wearing: stussy falcon print shirt, asos man tank, dr. denim otis cropped straight fit jeans, vans black ball sf sneakers, reclaimed vintage cap, ray-ban frames.

breaking down the look

i have a few key looks in mind for the ss17 season, the first of which you'll find throughout this post. easy, breezy button-downs, a clean tank and the right pair of denim make an easy style combo that'll get you through the hottest of days looking hella fresh. i prefer to keep mine either barely-buttoned (translation: a three-button max, starting from the bottom, of course) or all the way open to increase the cool factor (no pun intended, although it works).

the print on this shirt from stussy had me all caught up as soon as i laid my eyes on it, and it really does all the work. i just had to worry about seeding in the right pieces around it, and that was no difficult task: light-washed jeans, a sick pair of frames, one of my favorite caps, and a white-on-white combo from the ankles down. 

look 17: the makings of a statement piece.

you know that feeling when you find a new statement piece and can't help but get butterflies? like, when you slip on an item for the first time and just want time to slow down so you can enjoy it a little longer? yeah, that. that's kind of what i felt when i threw on this new tee from asos man. i think it's so simple, but so perfect–exactly what a go-to garment should be. take a look. -j

wearing: asos man velour chevron tee, topman tapered jeans, forever xxi biker jacket, puma basket tech sneakers.

breaking down the look

reasons this tee is amazing: 1) the chevron striping, 2) the collar piping, 3) the comfy velour texture, 4) that strong color. there you go, four solid reasons why this bad boy will definitely be one of my SS17 statement-makers. for this look, i styled the tee with a matching burgundy biker jacket and kept the overall palette on the dark side with a pair of faded black denim.

look 16: the sunshine palette.

color has always been a big thing for me, especially when it comes to putting a look together. hues that don't flow or balance each other out make me uncomfortable (which is why you'll rarely ever see me wearing random, wacky combos). now, don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of skillful color-blocking; and if you're one of those people who hates anything "matchy-matchy," no problem. but as for me and my wardrobe, i need a certain level of coordination. case in point: this spring-ready 'fit i threw on this morning.

wearing: asos man zip-neck tee with retro paneling, river island cropped trousers, vans authentic dx sneakers in tan.

breaking down the look

this one all started with the shirt, which gives the look a small, but solid pop of yellow—muted just like I like it, and still perfect for the sunshine. from there, i pulled out a couple of easy neutrals that complemented the top half, but didn't compete. and thankfully, i found the perfect spot at the last minute to shoot it. the end result: a color palette that i could definitely get used to this season.

look 15: mother nature's gotcha gotcha.

so, after about a week of amazing weather, mother nature went and threw a cold curve ball our way. while i'm sure it's only temporary at this point, i'm not mad about the chance to break back out this boss coat from maniere de voir.

wearing: maniere de voir fur-lined coat in black, side seam lace-up t-shirt, destroyed jeans and chelsea boots.

breaking down the look

now that my brain has shifted into spring mode, it's kind of hard to go back to throwing on heavy layers, so i kept it light underneath and let my outerwear do the trick. this coat's super warm, but not too heavy on the body, which makes it perfect for the chillier half of the season-to-season transition. from a style perspective, i kept it all-black (with a pop of color on top), which is always a sure win. -j

look 14: better late than never.

one of my challenges for the year is to really take advantage of my closet. it's no secret that i have (more than) my fair share of clothing, and i told myself that i either need to use it or lose it—ASAP. with that said, i bought this shearling biker jacket from ASOS a few months ago and never got around to breaking it out. at this point, i figured i'd lost the chance until next fall, but thankfully mother nature is just as bipolar as ever.

wearing: asos man faux shearling biker jacket in white and double hue denim jeans, perry ellis sweater, adidas originals zx flux sneakers.

breaking down the look

this look was really about the color palette. as i was getting dressed, i wanted to give something icy: bright whites and cool shades of blue. from there, it was just about pulling the right pieces together. consider this next-level polar bear steez.

look 13: the layering game, simplified.

while it's been a see-saw of extreme weather conditions here in nyc, i'm happy to say that brighter (and warmer) days are definitely in sight. with that said, i think we can finally go ahead and begin our transition toward spring-appropriate threads. the trickiest part always comes down to layering, and i found a sweet in-between piece from maniere de voir.

breaking down the look

while the lining details are on deck to keep me protected against the breeze, the best thing about this shearling is the weight. it's super light, which is perfect when the sun creeps up out of nowhere. here, i threw it on over a tee and hit the streets for an easygoing look that's simple but effective—especially when you glance at those fire chelsea boots.

click here to shop the jacket now (psst... it's on sale).

look 12: the in-between.

some days you feel like dressing things up. other days you'd rather keep it casual. and then there are those strange days when you're not really sure what you're feeling... when you're stuck in-between. so what's the solution? do both.

wearing: h&m wool-blend casual blazer, ports 1961 #followme tee, asos man distressed jeans and rope belt, dr. martens bandana print brogues.

breaking down the look

in moments like these, the easiest thing is to blend your elements: mix dressier staples with laid-back basics for a fun combo. here, I paired a relaxed blazer with a simple tee for my personal approach to biz-casual. for the bottom half, I matched (very) distressed denim with a statement-making pair of brogues—both of which added some extra cool points, while still working together with the rest of the 'fit for a solid head-to-toe ensemble.

look 11: that weekend flow with suavs.

every season, after #nyfwm, i basically go into total chill mode the following weekend. with that said, saturday morning arrived and i met up with one of my best friends for a matinee, brunch, a bangin' gym session, and, finally, drinks and dinner. it was completely relaxing—plus, i had this new pair of suavs that i was gifted a few days ago to keep me comfy along the way.

wearing: suavs barton winter slip-ons, asos man denim jacket and distressed hem jeans, 
h&m sometimes tee, vintage bandana, and asos striped socks.

brand spotlight

when i visited the site to pick out my pair, i noticed that they called themselves "the comfiest shoes on the planet." of course, you'd expect any brand to say that, but once i slid them on, i could definitely see why they put it front and center. these bad boys really are extremely comfortable. the bartons, in particular, are lined with a faux fur interior that makes it feel like you're running on clouds all day. i may have to get a pair for the office.

what i loved about this look was that the slip-on sneaker style let me add a little personality to things with these fun socks from asos. together, i think they make a pretty cool combo. -j

look 10: ports 1961 x everlast.

the second half of my ports 1961 project was all about the brand's new collab with everlast. creative director milan vukmirovic dropped a fresh new capsule collection born in performance, but enhanced by style; and the items are pretty cool. check out the piece i picked out below. -j

wearing: ports 1961 x everlast mesh camo shorts, asos man silver parka and ribbed turtleneck, uniqlo heattech leggings, creative recreation napoli sneakers.

brand spotlight

we've been having a crazy winter up here in nyc, but i'm not complaining. i mean, shorts in the middle of january... that's a sweet deal. i'm really into this set from the collab: they're hella cool thanks to ports 1961's iconic star camo print, but they also add some tough boxing vibes to the whole mix for a nice statement. the capsule features a number of garments inspired by the sport, all of which are sure to give your spring wardrobe (or gym game) an extra punch of style.