look 11: that weekend flow with suavs.

every season, after #nyfwm, i basically go into total chill mode the following weekend. with that said, saturday morning arrived and i met up with one of my best friends for a matinee, brunch, a bangin' gym session, and, finally, drinks and dinner. it was completely relaxing—plus, i had this new pair of suavs that i was gifted a few days ago to keep me comfy along the way.

wearing: suavs barton winter slip-ons, asos man denim jacket and distressed hem jeans, 
h&m sometimes tee, vintage bandana, and asos striped socks.

brand spotlight

when i visited the site to pick out my pair, i noticed that they called themselves "the comfiest shoes on the planet." of course, you'd expect any brand to say that, but once i slid them on, i could definitely see why they put it front and center. these bad boys really are extremely comfortable. the bartons, in particular, are lined with a faux fur interior that makes it feel like you're running on clouds all day. i may have to get a pair for the office.

what i loved about this look was that the slip-on sneaker style let me add a little personality to things with these fun socks from asos. together, i think they make a pretty cool combo. -j