look 29: new year. new focus. new outerwear.

2019 has arrived (woot woot) and i hope your year is off to the very best start. these first few days are always the perfect opportunity to pause, regroup, and adjust your priorities for the months ahead, and there’s soooo much i plan on doing this time around…

the big question: where the hell do i start?

i’ve been spending a ton of time alone since i got back in town from the holidays to figure it all out—and even though i have some very big goals in mind, i’ve definitely got my sights set high.


wearing: andersson bell overcoat from wconcept, belier air wool knitted vest from
forever21 biker jeans, asos stacked chelsea boots.


focus: the special ingredient that i plan on sprinkling all over 2019. it’s the reason why i’ve been able to accomplish what i have so far, and now that i’m working for myself full-time and getting ready to dive into somewhat familiar, but still extremely new waters—i’m getting back into acting after 10 years FYI—i can’t afford to lose one bit of it.

breaking down the look

this one was all about the color palette. i’m always down for a good earth tone mix, and with the very last leaves of the season finally meeting their maker, i thought i’d pay proper tribute with a cool brown-based combo. a fresh, heavy overcoat is always a great idea this time of year, and mixing in a couple of your other go-to cold-weather staples—comfy sweaters, chelsea boots, colored denim (my alternative to more conservative chinos)—leaves you with a super simple but strong formula to get through the winter chill ahead. -J


fall focus: midnight hues with nautica x amazon fashion.

-sponsored by nautica and amazon fashion.

honestly, it doesn’t matter where i am or what’s on my plate — life is always better to me in the fall. the weather, the vibe of the city, and (of course) the fashion… it all just puts me in the best mood imaginable. this season, i’m slowing down and taking time to really make sure i’m enjoying all that the season has to offer—from cozy netflix-and-chill sessions to strolls through soho’s leaf-adorned streets—and i plan on staying properly dressed for all of that fun ahead.

this month, i’ll be linking up with my friends at nautica to get into that fall frame of mind, and to kick things off, they’re helping me get my color palette in the perfect shape.

around this time of year, i always start falling back in love with the magic of “midnight hues”—basically, that’s my term for the darkest variations of the colors of the rainbow: burgundy, navy, hunter green, ochre, plum (you get the picture). not to get poetic, but they kind of remind me of the changing leaves; plus, the lack of brightness echoes with those grey skies that i love so much.

luckily for those of us here in NYC, we’ve had a surprise spell of perfect temperatures, so for this outfit, i broke out a burgundy + navy striped long sleeve polo from nautica and grounded the look with a foundation of black, courtesy of the jeans and shoes. and up top, i complemented the muted tones with extra pops of color from the cap and turtleneck. color palette: handled.

if you’re looking to add an easy touch of fall flavor to your wardrobe, click here to check out the latest assortment from nautica available on amazon. they have some awesome knits that i totally have my eyes on. -j