look 23: playing with the color spectrum.

random fact: i'm usually a matchy-matchy kind of guy (yeah, i know... a lot of people are against that, but whatever). nonetheless, sometimes you just want to mix things up and have fun with your colorways. the other day, i eased up and put together a fresh spin on my usual palette. check it out. -j

wearing: asos man blazer, tank, cap & flight bag, adidas originals joggers, house of hounds backless loafers, regal rose chain necklace.

breaking down the look

so, again, this outfit was all about lightening up a little and just having a good time. i went with a bunch of different soft colors—lilac, cerulean, orange, and even the mint background—that worked together perfectly. the white foundation flowed throughout the look to give some type of order to things, while the navy cap, black bag and shoes (all perfectly spaced out) helped to add a second layer of balance to things.