look 12: the in-between.

some days you feel like dressing things up. other days you'd rather keep it casual. and then there are those strange days when you're not really sure what you're feeling... when you're stuck in-between. so what's the solution? do both.

wearing: h&m wool-blend casual blazer, ports 1961 #followme tee, asos man distressed jeans and rope belt, dr. martens bandana print brogues.

breaking down the look

in moments like these, the easiest thing is to blend your elements: mix dressier staples with laid-back basics for a fun combo. here, I paired a relaxed blazer with a simple tee for my personal approach to biz-casual. for the bottom half, I matched (very) distressed denim with a statement-making pair of brogues—both of which added some extra cool points, while still working together with the rest of the 'fit for a solid head-to-toe ensemble.