Take Me to Montauk: The Dunes

[originally posted on the no names, aug 2015].

When people head out to Montauk, I’m sure most of them have the same things in mind: laying out by the pool, hitting the beach, and an epic staycation in a bangin’ seaside property. Don’t get me wrong, those things are cool and all, but some of us prefer to get a little [earthy], too. My friends and I rented a car and hit the road to “The End” of Long Island for a quick getaway—and some birthday fun for my buddy Kadeem—and we kicked off the weekend escape with a little quality time with Mother Nature. How? An excursion across the desert.

I never thought getting my Moses on in the middle of a Long Island “desert” could be so much fun, but we had a blast. We hit the Walking Dunes Trail of Hither Hills State Park, which started out as a lush forest path and then opened into a huge expanse of sand, and the sights were absolutely awesome. I totally forgot I was in NY for second. 

We didn’t hesitate to explore the area inside and out. Between rolling around in the sand (literally), an epic Bay Watch re-enactment using the slo-mo cam, and taking in the beauty of the great outdoors, it was far from the average New Yorker weekends I’m used to back in the city.

I think I could get used to this whole desert life, haha. -JxR