Take Me to Montauk: Solé East

[originally posted on the no names, aug 2015].

So, yeah, I told you we got earthy to kick off the trip, but I know you didn't think we were spending our whole time in Montauk out in the desert! We headed back into town and hit Solé East for a few drinks and a quick dip in the pool. I mean, we couldn't have gone all that way without getting a little [relaxation], right?

The resort grounds were completely beautiful, from the landscaping of the backyard to the chic interior. It definitely gave us a homey feel with a luxe twist. And most importantly, the staff was really friendly. Definitely worth a return visit the next time we're out there.

I really love that I've actually been doing a lot of "summer stuff" this year. And not just bigger activities like Montauk getaways, but the simple things like getting in the pool and spending time outdoors. It makes the season feel like it did back when I was in grade school—when summer break was one of the most amazing periods of life EVER. Hopefully I'll keep that feeling in effect. -JxR