brand spotlight: nike air max 270 reacts.

fyi: this is a sponsored post in partnership with nike.

with summer in effect, my primary color palette has changed pretty drastically—softer hues, neutrals, lighter denim, and way more whites—but that doesn’t mean that my black staples are taking the season off. i linked up with my buddies at nike to try out the new air max 270 reacts, and the project presented an awesome opportunity to play around with a warm-weather take on all-black.

Blog 1.jpg

wearing: nike air max 270 reacts in black, vast-grey, off-noir, asos mesh t-shirt,
3.1 phillip lim belted bermuda shorts, axcexx “jet set” chest rig, forever21 men cap.

Blog 3.jpg

first impressions.

when i talked to the team about the shoe we’d be working with this time around, i got a sneak peek at all of the new colorways dropping, but I had no clue which pair i was getting (gotta love a good surprise). when the box arrived, i was so pumped to receive the black/grey style, as it was one of the two pairs I was crossing my fingers for.

the other pair was the white/coral/turquoise style. look out for it—it’s such a unique combo.


out of the box.

once i unboxed them, i immediately noticed that the body was a bit bigger than i’d expected; however, when i slipped them on, they were really light. and because of the larger frame, the overall silhouette was slightly raised, which helps make my longer-than-average foot look less like a clown’s. another favorite feature of mine is the white rim of the sole, which i always love on black sneakers. there’s something about the contrast that i really appreciate, so i was definitely happy with the colorway and the product. next, the important part: it was time to style them out…

BLOG 5.jpg

breaking down the look.

a lot of people get scared of black in the summertime, and i don’t blame them. the heat can get brutal in a city like new york, but coming from texas, i can deal with it, so i went ahead and went for it, head-to-toe, here. still staying mindful of the weather, i pulled out this breezy mesh tee from asos and my favorite pair of shorts from phillip lim (check out the belt) to keep things as cool as possible. together, they work pretty well, but the look felt a little simple, so i turned up the street factor and threw on this chest rig from axcexx. zooming in on the lower half, i went with high socks to anchor the look—a fixed style choice for me when i’m wearing shorts with sneakers. it’s just a personal preference for me i suppose—i think it looks cooler and even reminds me of a sock trainer feel, which is easily one of my favorite footwear trends.

Blog 7.jpg

if you’re a fan of the air max 270 react silhouette, there are a number of colorways dropping in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned. click here to shop this style now. -j

look 30: break em' off blue.

i’m so happy with the way that my suit game has been coming along over the past few months, and i owe a large portion of the styles that i have to express. this month marked the start of our 2019 partnership, and as soon as i saw this blue beauty on the site, i fell in love.

wearing: express men slim light blue cotton-blend stretch suit, asos sleeveless mesh
sweater vest,
boohooman x quavo clear belt bag, nike react element 55s.

💎 “i call this color break-em-off blue.” 💎

at the start of the year, wearing more suits was a key style resolution for me, and i think i’ve been doing a solid job so far. of course, i have to do it my own way, so i kept things cool with a mesh sweater (gotta love that spring breeze) and some sneakers. and for a little touch of street edge, i threw on this clear belt bag from the boohoo x quavo collaboration earlier this year. i think i like how it came together.

breaking down the look.

by now, you guys know how important a strong color combination is to me, so for this outfit, i wanted to find the perfect hue to work with this fun pastel suit. i played around with a denim shirt and other shades of blue, but in the end, nothing worked better than this tan match-up. the lighter tones blend together nicely, and i think they’re so right for the season (those blue skies, ya know?). plus, i got to rock my new nike reacts—which is perfect, because i’m really trying to get back to my sportier roots.

brand spotlight: nike react element 55s x rabid panda.

fyi: this is a sponsored post in partnership with nike.

a new season is the perfect excuse to stock up on some new kicks, and to be completely honest: my entire shoe game could use an update. with that said, when nike reached out about their new react element 55 collection, i was totally down to try out a pair.


wearing: nike react element 55 rabid panda sneakers, american apparel denim jacket,
diesel limited edition “deisel” counterfeit hoodie, forever21 men jeans.

first impressions.

before i even received the sneakers, i was super impressed with the assortment. the line has a ton of colorways—they sent me the rabid panda edition (seen here), but i actually bought a second pair, too, because the options were so good. once they landed at my doorstep, i couldn’t wait to try them out.


out of the box.

when i pulled them out of the box, the first thing i noticed is how light they are. the body is super thin, and in turn, they don’t weigh you down at all—i’m wearing them now as i type this: maximum comfort. and when i took a second to really get into the details, i was even more impressed. from the contrast stitching to the unique sole design, there’s a lot to be captivated by.


breaking down the look.

for some reason, red + blue has always been a tricky color combo for me to rock, so i went with a favorite styling trick of mine and wore a head-to-toe white ensemble and let the sneakers have all the glory. the good thing about this move is that all-white will always draw attention and when you have a strong contrast, be it fresh kicks down below or a standout tee or hoodie layered under a jacket, it’s sure to pop among the “blank” canvas.

Nike x Jovel Roystan 3 (art-free).JPG

like i said above, there are so many awesome colorways in this collection, so if you’re a fan of the silhouette, you’re sure to find a pair that’s perfect for you. click here to shop now. -j

look 29: new year. new focus. new outerwear.

2019 has arrived (woot woot) and i hope your year is off to the very best start. these first few days are always the perfect opportunity to pause, regroup, and adjust your priorities for the months ahead, and there’s soooo much i plan on doing this time around…

the big question: where the hell do i start?

i’ve been spending a ton of time alone since i got back in town from the holidays to figure it all out—and even though i have some very big goals in mind, i’ve definitely got my sights set high.


wearing: andersson bell overcoat from wconcept, belier air wool knitted vest from
forever21 biker jeans, asos stacked chelsea boots.


focus: the special ingredient that i plan on sprinkling all over 2019. it’s the reason why i’ve been able to accomplish what i have so far, and now that i’m working for myself full-time and getting ready to dive into somewhat familiar, but still extremely new waters—i’m getting back into acting after 10 years FYI—i can’t afford to lose one bit of it.

breaking down the look

this one was all about the color palette. i’m always down for a good earth tone mix, and with the very last leaves of the season finally meeting their maker, i thought i’d pay proper tribute with a cool brown-based combo. a fresh, heavy overcoat is always a great idea this time of year, and mixing in a couple of your other go-to cold-weather staples—comfy sweaters, chelsea boots, colored denim (my alternative to more conservative chinos)—leaves you with a super simple but strong formula to get through the winter chill ahead. -J


fall focus: midnight hues with nautica x amazon fashion.

-sponsored by nautica and amazon fashion.

honestly, it doesn’t matter where i am or what’s on my plate — life is always better to me in the fall. the weather, the vibe of the city, and (of course) the fashion… it all just puts me in the best mood imaginable. this season, i’m slowing down and taking time to really make sure i’m enjoying all that the season has to offer—from cozy netflix-and-chill sessions to strolls through soho’s leaf-adorned streets—and i plan on staying properly dressed for all of that fun ahead.

this month, i’ll be linking up with my friends at nautica to get into that fall frame of mind, and to kick things off, they’re helping me get my color palette in the perfect shape.

around this time of year, i always start falling back in love with the magic of “midnight hues”—basically, that’s my term for the darkest variations of the colors of the rainbow: burgundy, navy, hunter green, ochre, plum (you get the picture). not to get poetic, but they kind of remind me of the changing leaves; plus, the lack of brightness echoes with those grey skies that i love so much.

luckily for those of us here in NYC, we’ve had a surprise spell of perfect temperatures, so for this outfit, i broke out a burgundy + navy striped long sleeve polo from nautica and grounded the look with a foundation of black, courtesy of the jeans and shoes. and up top, i complemented the muted tones with extra pops of color from the cap and turtleneck. color palette: handled.

if you’re looking to add an easy touch of fall flavor to your wardrobe, click here to check out the latest assortment from nautica available on amazon. they have some awesome knits that i totally have my eyes on. -j

brand spotlight: panorama festival with express men.

ah, festival season. that wonderful time of year when hands are in the air, the vibes are always right, and glitter, kimonos, & flower crowns + floral prints are the new black. 🤘

panorama fest went down this weekend in new york city, and i was so pumped to see janet jackson, sza and the rest of the line-up bring their a-game to the stage. naturally, i had no choice but to bring my a-game in the style department, and my buds over at express men made that (very) light work.

since summer is the season of denim, i came through — triple threat style — with a head-to-toe jean ensemble. i've always stood by the idea that a canadian tuxedo (translation: a denim jacket/shirt + jeans) is an easy style win, so i broke out this fresh combo from express's latest assortment, making sure to match the washes as best as i could. however, as much as i love a good outfit, it's still summer, so i kept the layers as light as possible, throwing on a relaxed tank top underneath.

for the sake of these pictures, i'm rocking chelsea boots down below—mainly because they're my shoe of choice for full-length jeans—but i switched to a pair of sneakers before hitting the muddy turf on randall's island. and up top, i broke out my usual dad cap in a nice denim finish for a boyish, more street-ready touch to offset the western-ish moment i was building from the neck down.

i really love this style equation because, with a few tweaks, you can dress it up as much or as little as you need for it to work from the fest grounds to the street. ex. replace the jeans with shorts for a solid picnic/bbq look, swap out the tank top with a graphic tee or sweatshirt for weekend-in-the-city vibes, etc.

put your own spin on it by checking out the new in section on and if you have other questions about how i put this look together, DM me on IG at @jovelroystan.

the spring switch-up, featuring timberland ss18.

at long last, mother nature’s taken a much-needed chill pill and allowed some of that sweet spring weather to show its face, which means we can finally say goodbye to this endless season of dread and hello to the day parties, brunches, and all of the other weekend-in-the-city plans ahead. this time around, i plan on soaking up as much of the sunshine as i can, so a wardrobe update is definitely in order. thankfully, my buds at timberland were here to help me get my style switch-up underway.

it’s been quite a while since i’ve actually wanted to go outside, so the brand’s nautical feels this season are more than welcome right about now. i pressed pause on work for a bit and headed over to the hudson river park for a little chillout session wearing a couple of key pieces from the new SS18 assortment.

first up: the boat shoe. beyond being a totally comfy option to break out for the weekend, they’re an always-on-trend selection for this time of year. plus, i love that rich blue hue. it’s the perfect little color pop, don’t you think?

keeping the seaside vibes in full flow, i broke out this breton stripe shirt, a longtime spring staple, to complement my shoe game. it’s an awesome transitional piece for those days when the temperature’s still a little all over the place, and whether you wear it solo, layer it up, or throw it around your waist, it’s a smart choice to have on deck this season.


trust me, there are plenty more spring-ready staples waiting where these came from. head over to to check out some of the latest drops and get your wardrobe flip in motion asap.

yes, this post was sponsored by timberland, but as always, all imagery, words and suggestions are my own. -j

brand spotlight: k-swiss st329's.

there's no better time than the start of a new season to step back and take note of all the trends that are making serious noise right now. whether you're all over the western movement or keeping it simple with dadcore, there's a ton to be inspired by this spring. being the sporty lad that i am, i've had my eye on the whole chunky sneaker wave for a while, so when k-swiss hit me up about their latest drop for the st329's, i couldn't help but say, "yes, please!"

in my book, a fresh pair of whites is a must-have for every season, so these couldn't have been anymore welcome as i start working on my spring style update. first off, they're pretty solid options for both laidback looks and more dressed-up options (as you'll see in a bit), but also, the comfort factor is legit—they felt great all day long, and i'm pretty sure the tag said they're made with memory foam material, which is like... whoa. keep scrolling to see how i broke them out this past week. -j

keep it chill.


breaking down the look

there's no getting around it: sometimes mother nature forces you to make certain choices when it comes to your daily ensembles. for example, with this look, i pretty much knew it was a heavy coat day as soon as i looked at my weather app. no problem though. i kept things cozy underneath with a throwback zip-neck pullover from k-swiss and one of my favorite pairs of joggers. the color-blocking up top added the perfect amount of pop to the 'fit, allowing me to keep everything else in my palette pretty simple. lastly, i threw on the st329's to pull out the white details on the sweater. easy.


dress it up a bit.


breaking down the look

i can't wait to get back to those sweet weekends in the city where the temperature's just right and you spend the whole day hopping from one move to the next. in those awesome instances, it's best to make sure your look is functional and works no matter where you may find yourself. hoping to keep my outerwear on the lighter side for extra movement, i did a little layering here, throwing on a zip-neck first, followed by a vintage k-swiss sweatshirt, and finishing up with a cool teddy jacket in statement white. next, these check print trousers are safe on their own, but the side stripe makes them cool and casual enough to not feel stuffy or too dressy. and finally, the baseball cap and sneakers are the perfect sporty sprinkles on top.


you can check out the full assortment of k-swiss st329's right now on and if you have any questions about how i've been liking mine, shoot me a DM on instagram: @jovelroystan.

brand spotlight: v-day & chill with express.

in case you haven't noticed yet, love is in the air again. yep, that's right—valentine's day is just around the corner. for those of you who have already gotten your gift shopping out of the way and organized your date night plans, you get a gold star, but what about your look for the big day? due to my [very single] relationship status, i'll be keeping things super chill this year, but i still plan on pulling out a fresh 'fit for whatever i get into. scroll down to peep three cupid-approved v-day outfits i put together with express. -j

from desk to date

if you're heading straight to dinner or the bar from the office, don't fret. you can transition a stuffy corporate look into something a bit more casual with two easy switch-ups. first, ditch the dress shirt and tie for an easygoing hoodie—the express style i'm wearing here is super cozy inside FYI, which is definitely a win after a long day. next, leave the loafers under your desk and throw on some cool kicks to further dress down your suit. and if you feel something's still missing, finish things off with a fisherman's beanie or dad cap for extra off-the-clock vibes.

wearing: express slim burgundy oxford suit and vintage fleece hoodie, nike air max sneakers, and fisherman beanie.

so festive

for some of us, valentine's day is a huge deal—which is totally cool. if you're one of those people looking to show off your v-day spirit, color is key. in my mind, romance and love come in two hues: pink and red. wearing them together can get a bit over the top, so pick one and blend it into an all-white foundation for a clean, statement-making ensemble that will totally hit the mark. here, i went the pink route, rocking a hella comfy hoodie from express with one of my season-favorite puffers, slim-fit jeans and some sneaks. the pop of color does all the hard work in a relatively easy-to-put-together outfit.

wearing: express garment dyed funnel neck hoodie, mennace puffer jacket, sixth june biker jeans, converse chuck taylor hi-top sneakers asos fisherman beanie.

the anti-valentine's day ensemble

not here for the hallmark holiday? not a problem, but that doesn't mean you can't still get up with the boo for a relaxed night in the city (or at the crib). keep things simple, like the evening, with black on black and make sure your pieces are comfy. here, an oversized express sweatshirt + slim-fit cotton pants made for a solid monochrome combo. next, i threw in a zip-neck sweater for a sporty feel and vans to add some extra chill to the equation. problem solved.

wearing: express supersoft vintage fleece crew neck sweatshirt and extra slim black cotton dress pants, diesel deisel dad cap, club room zip-neck sweater, vans authentic sneakers.

head over to the new arrivals section on to peep more of the latest styles coming your way for spring. and if you're still on the hunt for the perfect valentine's day pieces, stop in the store to pick up something super smooth before the big day.

yes, this post is sponsored by express, but as always, all opinions, tips, and photos are my own. -j

brand spotlight: party-ready with express.

between christmas and new year's eve, the last two weeks of the year are all about turning the festive vibes up to the max. and whether you're hitting the club, house-partying it up, or spending quality time with the fam, there's sort of like this unspoken need to look your best for every special moment on your calendar...

now, while that may make you a little nervous, there's no need to be. the key is versatility, and your go-to secret weapon? the slim-fit suit. this easy-to-rock life-saver comes through any time, any place—and with a little creativity, you can deconstruct the 'fit (wearing the pieces as separates vs. together) to give your closet some extra mileage throughout the months ahead. with that said, i teamed up with my buds at express to show you how to make party season style as easy as 1, 2, 3. -j

1. go head-to-toe.

wearing: express slim burgundy oxford suit and merino wool blend thermal mockneck sweater, asos man stacked chelsea boots, and reclaimed vintage cap.

i did an interview last month where the host asked me and another blogger our thoughts on the future of suits, and i got super excited. i mean, i don't wear them every day, but i've never denied the magic that an amazing two-piece can do for any guy that throws one on. and the best part: they often require the least amount of effort. as you can see here, i put my personal spin on the look, ditching the shirt and tie and, instead, rocking this sharp style from express with a mock turtleneck and chelsea boots for a look that checks all boxes: clean by way of the suit, sporty vibes, courtesy of the mockneck and cap, and the perfect touch of fashion-forwardness from the stacked boots.

2. take it from the top.

wearing: express slim burgundy oxford suit jacket and merino wool blend crewneck sweater, weekday leather jeans, asos man stacked chelsea boots, and reclaimed vintage cap.

if you're not feeling a full suit, there's still plenty of value (and style points) in a good blazer. i went for a burgundy double-up here, pairing the suit jacket with a matching crew neck for a little monochrome color play, and swapped out the pants for these leather jeans (perfect for the winter weather). and when you throw on a few statement accessories, the laidback look gets a little bit more elevated—i went with leather chelsea boots and a statement ring belt. relaxed. cool. and most importantly, easy.

3. bottoms up.

wearing: express v-neck cricket sweater, merino wool blend thermal mockneck sweater and slim burgundy oxford suit pants, balenciaga speed trainers, reclaimed vintage cap.

for more casual occasions where a suit may be overdoing it, you can still add some class to your look with a stylish pair of suit trousers. i matched this slim fit pair with a comfy sweater combo for an outfit that's totally appropriate for the time of year. and, always one to venture into sporty territory, i added some street elements here with the sneakers and zip-up sweater, but you can make it a bit dressier by opting for a subtly printed button-down and brogues instead.

if you're still planning out your party season ensembles, be sure to hit the new arrivals section over on to peep the latest suits and style staples to turn up in this month.

yes, this post is sponsored by express, but as always, all opinions, tips, and photos are my own. -j

#myluckyholiday: festive and fresh with lucky brand.

without a doubt, the holidays are my favorite time of year. the memories come rushing back, and with them, the urge to create brand new moments with the people that really matter. this year, i won't be going home, but that doesn't mean the festive season won't be amazing as always. i teamed up with my friends at lucky brand to give you guys an inside look at a few of the things that make these weeks so special to me—check it out. -j


wearing: lucky brand fifth avenue car coat, full zip mock-neck sweater, saturday stretch workwear shirt, 121 slim jeans, and hodge boots.

do you hear what i hear?

in my family, the holidays begin as soon as the clock strikes midnight after thanksgiving. my sister and i immediately begin blasting christmas music, my mother starts thinking about trees and pulling out the festive decor, and my dad just sits back and enjoys it all. for me, specifically, it's not official until I play vanessa williams's star bright christmas album—it's been my absolute favorite since i was a boy and it's always the first record i look for year after year.

422B0B8D-1413-4C10-ABE2-B694F9B789F9 copy.JPG

wearing: lucky brand leather moto jacket.

sharing christmas.

this past year, i've really made it a point to stay connected to my family and friends as much as i can—whether that requires a plane ticket, a subway ride, or extra-long phone calls night after night. the holidays always meant so much to me back in the day—not because of the gifts or music or great food, but rather the people around me. with that said, i'm always eager to bring those old feelings back to life in whatever new ways i can and create even more special memories to hold onto with the folks who matter most. i'll be in the big city this time around, but my closest friends are here to share the good times with (and thankfully, they're pretty awesome company).

335ABC38-5540-482E-BC5B-F31853357F2D 2 copy.JPG

these are a few of my favorite things.

when it comes to winter dressing, there a certain go-to's that you can't deny: a strong puffer coat, a dashing shearling, and a sweet pair of boots, of course. but i think my favorite piece of all would be the henley sweater. it's such a cozy and stylish staple for this time of year, and the fact that you can dress it up or dress down as you please makes it all the better.

A4A0C7A6-1A56-478F-8A9C-E54B059152BA copy.JPG

rockin' around the tv screen.

fun fact: my best friend and i are total nostalgia freaks, and we've never really gotten over our obsession with '90s nickelodeon. every year, we hop on the phone (if we're not in the same city) and binge-watch all of the holiday episodes of our favorite cartoons—doug, rugrats, hey arnold, you name it—and work on our new year's resolutions together (we usually have a list of like 10 things each). it's my favorite holiday tradition, and it just feels so amazing to wind down the year and look toward the new one ahead with my closet friend of over 20 years. plus, after making my first vision board last year (yeah, some people say it's cheesy, but mine is lit af), i'm so pumped for us to start getting set for 2018. 

C62978ED-0651-4D9B-9A22-5D8C3EDB1147 copy.JPG

...and a happy new year.

speaking of the new year, i really want to get to know myself better. yeah, that sounds strange, but sometimes i look around at my amazing friends and think about their passions and journeys and i'm like, "wow, what do you care about like that? what do you fight for or light up over?" being so caught up in the day-to-day rush of work and social media and this and that all the time, i don't always take the opportunity to actively meditate over those topics and i really want to focus on jovel and his dreams and desires in a more intimate way moving forward.

DC28FD67-8E81-4256-B01C-B4CD9327DE2A copy.JPG

wearing: lucky brand lakewood denim sherpa jacket, ls double knit henley, 121 heritage slim jeans, give me freedom hat, and hodge boots.

follow @luckybrand on instagram to catch more from my festive little story, and, sincerely from the bottom of their hearts and mine, happy holidays! 

brand spotlight: office party steez with coastal. 👓

if you're not feeling holly and jolly af just yet, you'd better get with the program. december's here and the holiday parties are about to start rolling in fast and furious motion. and in case you've been freaking out about what to wear to your office function, don't fret. i've teamed up with my friends at coastal to help you get your looks together—no matter how professional your work environment may be—and give you a look at their latest eyewear range, the main + central tortoiseshell collection. check it out. -j

office vibe: hella corporate

if you work in a hardcore corporate environment—you know, no music playing, minimal chit-chat, dress codes that involve suits, ties, and briefcases—then a suit just might be a safe bet, but that doesn't mean your look has to be boring. switch up the usual routine with a festive sweater in place of your button-down, or follow my lead and layer up with a mock turtleneck and a quilted vest. and after the drinks have been flowing and your boss has hit the dance floor, you can drop the blazer for an equally fresh ensemble.

wearing: main + central frames courtesy of coastal, asos man suit and loafers, timberland vest, vintage turtleneck.

spec style hack: where you're lightening up the mood by changing your shirt game, a cool pair of frames helps you maintain some of those dapper feels. and on the other hand, if a festive sweater or even the layering tip above is a no-go, you can still add some personality to things with frames that pack a little flair—case in point: this sick tortoiseshell colorway.

office vibe: somewhere in the middle

my last company was the perfect mix of really professional and really cool, so i'm happy for all of you who currently fall into this category. you probably get the chance to flex your style muscles throughout the week, so your office party's definitely a good time to have fun with things. i say you meet in the middle: a short-sleeved zip-neck sweater adds sweet sporty vibes to your 'fit, while a crisp pair of slim-fit trousers shows you still mean business, even during a turn-up.

wearing: main + central frames courtesy of coastal, river island man zip turtleneck, maniere de voir trousers, reebok club c's.

spec style hack: while the sweater and sneakers keep things sleek and sporty, the frames help balance out the smarter elements of the look that the trousers bring to the picture. and the added bonus comes from the fact that, while they do help you maintain a bit of that professional feel, glasses with this updated vintage feel look so fresh, too. no cool points lost, only gained.

office vibe: hella cool

now, for all the folks that fall in the world of start-ups, advertising, music, fashion, creative whatevers, artsy everything, [fill in your blank here], you can really let your style shine. i'm sure most of you guys know that i'm always one to keep things on the sportier side, so for this look, i kept it super chill and added my festive touch through easy seasonal stripes (vs. the more expected color palettes or classic holiday prints).

wearing: main + central frames courtesy of coastal, asos man sweater and chelsea boots, forever 21 men track pants, reclaimed vintage baseball cap.

spec style hack: a sweater + sweats = super simple. maybe a bit too simple for an office party, right? well, i think my glasses add a little extra something up top that helps round out the entire look and ensure that there's something going on from head-to-toe without taking this laidback outfit over the top.

as you may have seen from my 'gram, i actually do wear glasses from, so yeah, this is a partnered post, but the love is too real. you can browse all of their styles (including my favorites, the joseph marc gold procedure-50's) right here. and if you find a pair you like, their face shape guide and myfit tool will help you make sure that they're just right for you. and if that's not enough, now through the end of december, buy one pair of frames and you can a second for free—just use code jovel (some exclusions apply).

if you have any questions about my experience with coastal, wearing glasses, or even holiday looks in general, feel free to DM me on IG (@jovelroystan). 🤙

look 28: autumn glow.

i'll admit, the weather around this time of year can be pretty brutal in nyc—it's the price we pay for having actual seasons *throws shade at the west coast*—but every now and then, you get treated to that perfect fall day. the right temperature. a smooth breeze. that lit lighting. and, of course, the chance to ease up on the heavy outerwear one last time before hibernation season officially begins. surprise, surprise: we recently got one of those days...


wearing: asos man striped blazer, mock turtleneck and stacked chelsea boots, off white nebraska jersey tee, weekday leather pants, reclaimed vintage cross cap.


breaking down the look

this look is a blended lesson in layering and textures. for the top half, i stacked things up with a mock turtleneck underneath, a thicker (but not heavy) tee in the middle, and a blazer in place of my usual jacket. with mother nature finally on my side for once, this sweet trio made the perfect combination. down below, i switched up my fabric routine with a heavier pair of leather pants. i'd say they fit the season pretty well; plus, i think they look hella nice paired with my chelsea boots.


brand spotlight: keeping it cozy/casual/clean with express.

well, it’s official: fall is in full effect, and with it come the inevitable netflix-and-chill weekends at home and endless holiday parties. with that being said, i’ve been making a list of all the seasonal staples that are mandatory for surviving this special time of year, and at the top of my list lies the henley. extremely comfortable and surprisingly versatile, this go-to fall favorite will keep your style on point over the months ahead, and my buds at express and i will show you exactly how to make that happen. check it out. -j



whether it’s the cold temperatures or simply because it’s cuffing season, most of us will likely find ourselves stuck inside on the weekends way more than usual. now personally, i see nothing wrong with that, but, if you’re gonna spend your free time indoors, the least you could do is not let your style fall to the wayside. henleys are the ultimate lazy day staple to keep you looking (and feeling) good all day long, whether you rock it with your favorite jeans or a pair of sweats. here, i went for the latter, breaking out this comfy combo from express. *switches phone to dnd*

wearing: express cotton henley sweater and vintage fleece jogger pant, frames from


now, i’ll admit that the temperatures dropped fast and furiously here in nyc, but if you’re still enjoying normal fall weather, a flannel-henley pairing is a tried-and-true style flex that’ll always leave you winning. go for an easy pair of jeans or slim-fit trousers—like this pair from express—throw on your favorite pair of sneakers, and hit the streets. oh, and be warned: there’s something about those fresh lumberjack vibes that’ll make you look like the bait, so don’t be scared if you receive a number of flirty advances throughout the day. 😏

wearing: express plaid flannel shirt, cotton henley sweater, and extra slim black cotton dress pantsreebok classic club c 85 sneakers.


alright, the sun has set, you have a holiday party to be at in one hour, and you’ve yet to put together a solid look that’s sure to impress... 😰 don’t fret—this bad boy will come to the rescue once again. dig through your closet for a turtleneck (my recommendation: go for a mockneck). from there, layer up in this order: the sweater (underneath it all), your henley, a badass bomber (on top, obviously). for your bottom half, stick with your go-to pair of trousers and a fresh pair of chelsea boots. voila (feel free to give a toast, since all eyes will be on you anyways).

if these three examples haven’t made you a believer yet, DM me on IG and I can break down any further doubts personally. otherwise, head over to express now to shop all their latest styles. but don’t stop there... the new arrivals section is full of other fall essentials to keep you looking your best throughout the chilly months ahead.

yes, this post is sponsored by express, but as always, all opinions, tips, and imagery are mine. -j

brand spotlight: getting back into fall with express.

for as long as i can remember, fall has always been my favorite time of year. the grey skies, the way the world just seems a bit more relaxed and comfortable, and, of course, the style switch-up. the mock turtleneck will forever be one of my favorite wardrobe staples—it's super versatile, comes in a number of variations, and looks damn good on pretty much everyone. i recently linked up with my buds over at express to put together three easy ways to rock one this season. check it out. -j

the 1-2 win.

i love a piece that makes my life easier—case in point: the mockneck's ability to look awesome under almost any outerwear hanging in your closet. cardigans, denim jackets, trench coats, puffers—trust me, it's like the ultimate cheat code for a style win this season. here, i hit the streets of soho to prove my point with this boss bomber from express. always one to keep things a little casual, i finished the look with my favorite pair of trackpants and my speed trainers for a sporty feel.

wearing: express black shoulder seam bomber jacket and mockneck embroidered lion sweater, forever21 track pants, balenciaga speed trainers.

keep it clean.

there's a lot of power in simplicity. for those days when the chill isn't too overwhelming, i'd recommend keeping things minimal—i.e. leaving the outerwear at home—and letting the sweater do the talking. pairing it with a clean pair of side-stripe trousers is enough to score you some serious style points. and if you're really worried about the temperature, don't sweat: just slip on a long-sleeved tee underneath and get your day underway, whether you're heading to the office (like me, here) or hanging out in the city.

wearing: express mockneck embroidered lion sweater, asos trousers with side stripe, converse chuck taylor hi-top all-stars.

layer player.

fall is all about layering, and the turtleneck is my secret weapon when it comes to turning my seasonal looks up a notch.  like the outerwear trick above, it's really as simple as A-B (no C required): i slipped one of my favorite pieces of knitwear over the sweater for a look that's cozy and, thanks to the zipper on the collar, a little sporty too. the rest of your look can be kept as simple as you like. i went for a subtly stylish pair of slim-fit dress pants from express and dressed things down with these new vans i've been obsessed with lately. this simple concept is perfect for any casual evening plans on your calendar that still require a bit of effort in the wardrobe department.

wearing: express mockneck embroidered lion sweater and extra slim black cotton dress pants, asos striped sweater, vans authentic sneakers.

if you're still working on your fall wardrobe, head over to now and check out the latest drops—especially if you've got a gig in corporate america. trust me, i've been there, so i know how blah the dress code can be, but you can use the tips above, along with some of their other style staples, to add a little bit of cool to your business casual mix this season.

yes, this post was #sponsored by express, but as always, all tips, opinions, and photos are mine.

brand spotlight: h&m studio aw/2017.

in case you weren't one of us who had our calendars marked well in advance, today was the launch of h&m's studio aw/2017 collection. i got a first look at a few of the pieces a couple of weeks back on my buddy @oh_anthonio and instantly became obsessed. fast forward to earlier this month and, to my very sweet surprise, i got the chance to snag a few pieces before the drop (and just in time for #nyfw)!

check out some of the pieces i copped from the collection below, and keep scrolling for my personal picks from the assortment—including that amazing ribbed turtleneck collar, which i bought this afternoon right after it went live. -j

IMG_5903 2.JPG

wearing: h&m studio aw/2017 shawl-collar bomber jacket.


wearing: h&m studio aw/2017 ribbed turtleneck sweater.


wearing: h&m studio aw/2017 'mountain noir' sweater.

the pieces you need to cop, like right now

the fall forecast.

alright, guys... we're just a few weeks away from the official start of fall, which means it's time to start prepping for that seasonal wardrobe flip. i shot this quick + handy pre-fall trend report to help you get familiar with the key colors, staples, and style hacks that'll be trending in the months ahead. check it out and comment or DM me with any questions. -j

room 726: a J.XYZ editorial.

while i was in vegas last month for liberty fairs, i shot an editorial in my hotel room, and i'm so happy with the end result. on the styling front, i really pushed myself in a new direction; and @avsthtc's sweet camera skills helped me bring the pieces (and the come-down after a wild weekend in LV) to life in an awesome way. 

i have to say, of all the projects i've shot in the past few years, this story is definitely one of my favorites. check it out and let me know what you think. -j

jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 02.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 03.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 04.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 05.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 06.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 07.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 08.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 09.jpg

check out my liberty fairs mini-zine in the behind-the-scenes section of the site for a look at more action out from vegas

look 26: monday mood.

you know how it goes: the weekend comes to a close, the alarm clock goes off, monday returns to ruin our lives once more. this time around, i threw on a comfy combo of pieces and ventured off to start the day. here's how it all turned out. -j


wearing: conflict of interest limited edition parody collective tee, asos piped trousers and slogan socks, fila x barneys ny sneakers.


breaking down the look

as you probably gathered from above, i didn't really put that much thought into this one, but i will say, my favorite part of the look started at the ankles. i got these slogan socks from asos, and they added a fun touch of spunk to things. not that it was necessary though. after all, the COI t-shirt and pants do more than enough on their own. hey, i guess it's okay be a little extra once in a while, right?


look 25: chevron chaser.

this summer, i've been all about a good statement stripe: horizontal, vertical, (and strongest of all) chevron. i dug this bad boy out of my closet this morning and knew it'd be the perfect ingredient for today's outfit. take a look. -j


wearing: asos man chevron revere collar shirt, topman sleeveless turtleneck and piped trousers, balenciaga speed trainers, reclaimed vintage cap, movado edge timepiece.


breaking down the look

by now, you know my golden rule: when you're rocking a strong statement piece, keep the rest of your look simple. in line with that law, i went with an all-black foundation—keeping it sleek and cool with the lightweight turtleneck and cropped trousers—and linked the blue stripe of the pants with the shirt for a little color coordination. from there, my go-to finishing touches (the trainers, cap, and movado timepiece) sealed the deal. easy.