the fall forecast.

alright, guys... we're just a few weeks away from the official start of fall, which means it's time to start prepping for that seasonal wardrobe flip. i shot this quick + handy pre-fall trend report to help you get familiar with the key colors, staples, and style hacks that'll be trending in the months ahead. check it out and comment or DM me with any questions. -j

room 726: a J.XYZ editorial.

while i was in vegas last month for liberty fairs, i shot an editorial in my hotel room, and i'm so happy with the end result. on the styling front, i really pushed myself in a new direction; and @avsthtc's sweet camera skills helped me bring the pieces (and the come-down after a wild weekend in LV) to life in an awesome way. 

i have to say, of all the projects i've shot in the past few years, this story is definitely one of my favorites. check it out and let me know what you think. -j

jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 02.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 03.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 04.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 05.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 06.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 07.jpg
LFSS18 Hotel 08.jpg
jovel roystan x LFSS18 Hotel 09.jpg

check out my liberty fairs mini-zine in the behind-the-scenes section of the site for a look at more action out from vegas