carpe diem... or naw? 🏃

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the shack: movie review and a talk about faith.

Mar 4, 2017
I just finished watching the shack, a new film based on the NYT-best-selling book of the same name, and I’ve never cried so many times in one movie. It was such a beautiful experience that I couldn’t help but share my thoughts about it.

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home improvement: museum vibes, courtesy of the met store.

Feb 11, 2017
over the past year, i've really transformed my apartment into a place that i love to call home. i started this year off by adding a few new pieces of art here and there for an extra touch of culture.

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grooming round-up: anthony logistics.

Feb 4, 2017
i've had the chance to try out those new year grooming products i showed you guys a couple of days ago. now, let's take a closer look at each one. the first brand up: anthony.

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a fresh start to 2017.

Jan 9, 2017
i'm happy to say that, so far, 2017's been pretty sweet. things are looking bright in all directions, and i've been making a few changes over the past few days—starting with my grooming routine.

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a day to sleep in.

Jan 8, 2017
yesterday was non-stop. between six hours of shooting in the fake blizzard that randomly hit nyc and and running all over the city for a few necessary obligations, i think i earned a morning to press the snooze button and catch up on some reading.

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festive feels in brooklyn.

Dec 1, 2016
alright, people... thanksgiving is over, december's here, and it's time to get festive. check out the three simple, easy, and super affordable decor tweaks i went with to help me celebrate the weeks ahead.

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high fashion nights with bombay sapphire.

Nov 12, 2016
last night, i spent the evening with bombay sapphire gin, gq, and high fashion living for a special cocktail event in soho. friends, camera crews, and amazing drinks were on deck throughout the night. check it out.

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the scents of fall.

0ct 13, 2016
with fall finally arriving, it's time to do the new season switch-up and I sifted through my bottles to pick my go-to's for the months ahead. check them out.

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