a fresh start to 2017.

i'm happy to say that, so far, 2017's been pretty sweet. things are looking bright in all directions, and i've been making a few changes over the past few days—starting with my grooming routine. i copped a few new products from some cool brands you may have heard of (if not, don't worry you'll be familiar by the end of this post).

jovelroystan.xyz mens grooming roundup 1.JPG

keep scrolling to learn more about the products above, and stay tuned in the weeks ahead—i'll give you guys some mini-reviews to let you know what's worth trying out next time you're shopping. here's to a fresh start to the new year. -j

who: anthony
what: exfoliating and cleansing bar, glycolic exfoliating and resurfacing wipes
why: the ultimate clean

who: blind barber
what: lemongrass tea shampoo and conditioner
why: every guy's head needs a strong 1-2 combo

who: elemis
what: cleanser, anti-aging and sensitive skin collections
why: it's a facelift and a day at the spa in a bottle (well, 7... haha)