grooming round-up: anthony logistics.

okay, so we're a few weeks into 2017 and i've had the chance to try out some of the new year grooming products i showed you guys a couple of days ago. i said i'd keep you guys posted on what's worth trying (and what's not...), so let's get to it. first brand up: anthony.

anthony exfoliating and cleansing bar.

the experience

  • personally, i like soap bars because they usually give a pretty solid lather that'll last from head to toe; however, this one let up once i got to the knees, haha. it's still a good bar though, and one that you can use safely on your face and body.
  • as far as the smell, there's an interesting scent as you're using it—wouldn't say it's bad, wouldn't say i loved it either—but it disappears completely once you rinse off, which can be great when it comes to fragrances (allowing you to rock your signature cologne without any other competing smells beyond your personal body chemistry).
  • lastly, it leaves you with one of those squeaky clean feelings when you rub your hands across your skin. definitely a nice feeling to have after a tough workout or a long day running through the city. 

my verdict: try it out.

anthony glycolic exfoliating and resurfacing wipes.

the experience

  • so with this one, you're using a two-sided facial wipe to exfoliate dead skin cells and minimize your pores. the scratchy textured side is fine, almost nice even, but it gets so much better once you flip it and hit that smooth side. it feels like a little cloud massaging your skin, haha.
  • it's been about thirty minutes since i last used one and my face still feels really nice, so i guess it's safe to say that they work.
  • now that i've gotten all the good points aside... the biggest thing for me was the smell, which i wasn't a fan of. i mean, it's the expected chemical odor, which i could deal with if it were temporary, but it's not. i can still smell traces of it, even after applying my moisturizer. unless you use a strong scented facial cream or beard oil, you better be sure you like the scent before you try this one.

the verdict: pass.