reminders and reality checks.

you know something i realized last night? that there's nothing like a missed opportunity to really make you get your entire f**king life together. not that my life is in shambles (far from it), but i have a few bad habits that, from time to time, get in the way of my being successful. i was scrolling through the stories on my IG feed and saw a first look at a campaign that i got approached for—and subsequently took forever to respond to. long story short: your boy didn't get the part. it was like a slap in the face seeing it come to life (without me, and with so many other great guys involved), but a humbling, educational slap. we'll call it a love tap, haha.

naturally, i took to twitter, my personal sounding board, to release a bit of the disappointment and keep it moving, and a friend of mine replied to my tweet with the below:

firstly, it's amazing to have people in your life who remind you that there's always better ahead. secondly, she's so right, and that's exciting. there's more ahead, and i just have to keep doing my thing, except a little better—which is totally in my control. the whole thing really reminded me just how badly i want it (it, meaning everything that i've spent these past 7 years grinding for). don't you love moments like that?