Take Me to London: An Experiment in British Culture

[originally posted on the no names, aug 2014].

While we were in London, my cousin and I opted to reserve a day solely for slowing down and cooling out around the town, so we met up with a few of her classmates from Columbia at The Champion over in Notting Hill. After grabbing a few glasses, we headed down to the hidden backyard garden downstairs, which completely set the atmosphere. Dan (seen below alongside my cheesing cousin) and his mates taught us a quick lesson in British Culture 101. Apparently, pub life is way more essential to their day to day routines than I ever imagined.

Unlike the typical bar-hopping crowd in the states, the guys actually held pretty solid conversation (as in, convo filled with substance, not drunken banter) throughout the afternoon — a refreshing change from some of the happy hour scenes I find myself trapped in back home. I appreciate them welcoming us into their circle for the day. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite moments of the week. NYC bars will never feel the same now...