[take me to mykonos]: a visual travel diary.

if you've been tuned into the 'gram, then you've probably gathered that i recently spent a few days in mykonos; and i must say, it's one of the nicest destinations i've visited in the past few years.

the island's really like a dream getaway, but not because it's a buzzworthy european hotspot. rather, for the things that truly make the culture great: the charming mediterranean color palette all around you, the tasty food, the 24/7 relaxed atmosphere, and the amazing people i was blessed to come across each day. check out some of my favorite shots from the trip and stay tuned for a look at the other spots i hit while i was away. -j

sidebar: quite a few people weirdly asked me (and my friends) how i could just up and leave like that, without giving anyone notice. *side eyes* well... first, you book a flight to any city of your choosing. then you make the necessary arrangements in that city. finally, you go to the airport. it's really that simple. no permission slips required.