harry, my hero.

for any of you missed who missed harry styles on saturday night live last weekend, you probably haven't heard his latest song, ever since new york (which has been stuck in my head for the past 6 days). you should probably listen below, like now.

and if you haven't heard his first solo single, sign of the times, you just need to do better. but let me back up for a sec...

harry styles is currently the only celebrity that i'd legitimately geek out over meeting (yeah, i know... but sadly, it's true). he's just cool. as. f**k. and looking past his effortless style and swagger, i think he's on the cusp of a really standout career. his self-titled debut album drops next month and i'm beyond excited.  i've been into everything he's given us up to this point, so i'm confident i'll be a big fan of the project. once it hits stores, i'll let you guys know my thoughts. -j