good days. bad days.

right now, my face is long and there’s a frown taking up most of the bottom half.  why? I had a bad day. why? everything. you know, those days where every little thing, every little email, every single voice around you makes you want to hit someone. it was one of those. but, honestly, i’ve gotten pretty good at owning my emotions without losing sight of the bigger picture: it was just one day. it happens. there’ll be more of them (the sucky ones, that is), but there will be way more of the awesome ones—yeah, like they say, the good really does come with some bad—and trust me, it's worth it. keep reading and you'll understand why...

i thought sharing this moment would be perfect for my first blog post of 2018 because, as i made my way through the day, i constantly had to remind myself that all of these things that irritate the hell out of me right now are merely annoying means to a very sweet end.  and whether you think of them as laying a foundation for your future, paying your dues, or whatever else makes you feel better about those less-than-ideal parts of your present situation, [they're really important]. they blend together to create a special learning period, one that presents a test of patience, faith and gratitude. as i rode the train home, i actually chuckled at one point and just thanked God for my life, even in moments like this, because (1) they remind me to really enjoy the good days, but more importantly, (2) they make me want to work. work and fight. fight my ass off for all of these dreams that are floating around in my mind. the dreams that deserve the front seat in my mind, not the back. and the dreams that'll let me leave the 9-to-5 in the rearview.

so i write all this to say, on those rough days that challenge your confidence, your comfort and your temperament, keep pushing through. keep your end game in mind—think about it every time you want to scream—and be passionate about what’s in front of you right now so you can get to the place you’re running toward. here's to a better day tomorrow. -j