brand spotlight: clean-cut for christmas with panasonic.

november. movember. no shave november... whatever you call it, it was rough. not because anything particularly unfortunate happened, but because i looked absolutly crazy all month without my usual grooming routine in place (me and long facial hair don't usually mix well). thankfully, panasonic hit me up close to the end of the month to try out their er-gb80- s all-in-one beard, hair, and body trimmerβ€”and trust me, it was right on time. check it out. -j

okay, maybe i buy into the whole idea of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" a bit too much, but i've actually had the same pair of trimmers since i was a freshman in college (i know, i know... 9 years, i should be ashamed)! so, i was totally excited when this package arrived. inside, i found a stylishly sleek clipper, along with three comb attachments to take care of all kinds of hair (up-top, facial, body), a tube of oil to keep things working smoothly, and a little cleaning brush. 

taking a closer look at the designs and mechanics, i certainly got a good first impression. the quick-adjust dial is super simple to use and, to my surprise, has a total of 39 settings, which makes it pretty easy to get the right length you're looking for, whether your buzzing your curls a bit or getting that perfect 5 o'clock shadow. also, the grip is rubberized for a nice, smooth hold, and the overall look of the device is clean and masculine, which is always a plus.

the blades cut pretty smoothly (both the main clippers and the slide-up edgers, which you can use for a more precise line), making for a pleasant experience from start to finish. afterwards, i was able to quickly wash the trimmer in the sink without any worry of damage and get on with my day. needless to say, i've officially thrown my old blades in the trash.

if you're still in the middle of your gift-shopping frenzy, this bad boy will make a great present for the man in your life who's all about well-kept facial hair (and well-kept everything for that matter, haha). you can learn more about it (and it to add to your cart) right here. if you have more questions about my experience with the panasonic er-gb80- s all-in-one trimmer, feel free to DM me on IG (@jovelroystan).

yes, this post was sponsored by panasonic, but as always, any and all opinions, photos, and tips shared are completely my own. -j