into the triangle: a weekend in bermuda.

this summer, i made it a major point to really slow down, enjoy the summer and find some time to [relax] for a change. i’m proud to say that i’ve done just that. this past weekend, i hopped on a quick flight to bermuda for an amazing stay at the hamilton princess. while I spent a few hours shooting, i definitely chilled out the rest of the visit. check out some of my favorite shots from the trip. -j

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fall focus: heading upstate with nautica.

last friday, my friends and i jumped in a car to head upstate for the weekend, and what we thought would be a nice fall getaway turned into 48 hours in a winter wonderland... cozy essentials were a must.

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[take me to miami]: thankful for the 305.

so, my family and i switched up the thanksgiving routine this year and randomly found ourselves in miami. while it was different,  it was certainly a pleasant change (and the sea, sand, and sun came at the perfect time). check out a few of my favorite shots from the 3-day escape.

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[take me to london]: 100 km per hour.

the past week and a half in london was a non-stop motion of meetings, shoots, and happy hours. thankfully, in between it all, i found some time to chill out and enjoy being in my favorite city (after new york, of course). 

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[take me to vegas]: a visual travel diary.

last month, i got invited to participate in the blogger studios at liberty fairs in las vegas, and i couldn't have been more pumped. it'd been almost 20 years since i'd last visited the city of lights, and it's still just as strange, fun, and beautiful as ever.

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[take me to málaga]: a visual travel diary.

i needed a day or two to just sit around and do nothing. like, for real... just relax. and honestly, there may be no better place to do that than in málaga, a charming little port city on the southern coast of spain.  check it out.

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[take me to barcelona]: a visual travel diary.

before heading home from mykonos, i made a quick pit stop in spain for a few days. it was my first time in the country and barcelona welcomed me with open arms. 

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[take me to mykonos]: a visual travel diary.

 i recently spent a few days vacationing in greece—mykonos, to be exact—and i must say, it's one of the most amazing destinations i've visited in the past few years. check it out.

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[take me to london]: a visual travel diary.

two weeks in london... what an amazing trip. honestly, every time I visit, the experience gets better and better. take a look at a few of my favorite shots from the trip.

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[take me to london]: sketch.

0ct 29, 2016
before this trip, I’d always heard tons of stories about sketch london, a super-posh little tea & pastry spot in mayfair. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but let's just say I finally get they hype.

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[take me to london]: me, myself, & the insiders.

0ct 26, 2016
the ASOS insiders invaded london for our seasonal catch-up, and this time, we spent our team day at graffik gallery off of portobello road—needless to say, it was a ton of fun.

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